Digital Image: Milky Way from Mesa Verde

This is the Milky Way from Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.┬áThere’s tremendous detail in this image!

Here is an Annotated Version.

That’s Jupiter there on the left, with the constellation of Sagittarius just to the lower right – it looks like a teapot. The upper left area is the Scutum star cloud. On the lower right is the “prancing horse”, a dark nebula that obscures the background stars.

Click on the image for a much larger version.

Image Info

Two part image – a single image of the trees, and a stack of 20 subframes for the stars. 20 subframes of 30 seconds each, all at ISO 3200. Canon 60D with no filter, mounted on an iOptron SmartEQ equatorial mount. Subs captured and stacked in Nebulosity, processed in StarTools, trees image layered in Photoshop, and the whole thing finished in Aperture.