Digital Image: The M35 Area

M35 Area Processed Watermarked

Here is a digital image of the Messier 35 area in the foot of Gemini. It contains the open cluster M35 to the lower right, The emission nebula NGC 2174, otherwise known as The Monkeyhead Nebula to the left, and the emission nebula IC 443, also called The Jellyfish Nebula, lies to the upper right.

Image Info:

Canon 60D with a Canon 100-400mm F/5.6 “L” zoom lens, set to 200 mm, piggybacked on the KPO Reflector telescope. An Astronomic CLS in-camera LPR filter was also used.

10 frames of 300 seconds for a total integration time of 50 minutes. Captured in Nebulosity, processed in StarTools, and finished in Aperture.

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