Welcome to Kissimmee Park Observatory!

KPO is a private astronomical observatory in Saint Cloud, Florida.

Kissimmee Park Observatory was designed and built by David Hearn. The facility is dedicated to astronomy outreach to the public, and imaging of the night sky, by the collection of astrophotographic data.

We occasionally host public observing sessions (weather permitting) in which we show the public the moon, planets, bright stars, clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, through the KPO 18″ Reflector telescope.

We also are available for Private Observing Sessions when we open the observatory to small groups, to allow your personal use of the observatory and telescope for an enjoyable evening under the stars.

What You can Find Here

We will be posting all of our social media updates on this website, with notifications and followup about any private or public events that we have at the observatory. We will have announcements on several types of events:

–  New astronomical Digital Images we’ve captured

–  Upcoming Astronomical Events

–  Upcoming public events at the observatory

We need your help to sustain our astronomy outreach work.