KPO’s European Astronomy Tour


The amazing European Astronomy Tour was completed in mid September, 2016. We traveled through Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the UK, and during our trek we visited some of the greatest observatories in the world, past and present, and examined some of the strange and fascinating astronomical phenomena that visitors to the far north can experience. And you can relive the trip, virtually, through our video episodes in our series on YouTube!

We took a round trip (westward and eastward) on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 after the new remastering refit! See the beautiful new updates to the ship in our second episode here on our site.

There’s also lots of extra pictures, videos, and trip information and advice on the general Grand Tour Facebook page: 10 Weeks, 8 Countries, 0 Airplanes

During the trip I had many visits and interviews at some of the great observatories and astronomical landmarks through the region.

I’ve created a series of 9 episodes called “KPO’s European Astronomy Tour” and published them on a semi-regular basis on our YouTube Channel.

There are four great interviews with professional astronomers. Two of these interviews were really amazing, as they were well known astronomers in the UK.

It was an extremely exciting trip, and I hope you’ll enjoy this documentary featuring high level astronomy content from KPO.

There is also a special category in our Blog, to allow you to view the episodes.

Historical Publishing Dates

Click on the Episode Name to watch on YouTube!

Episode 1: Introduction
and The Hayden Planetarium

Publish Date: 7/6/2016

Episode 2: Astronomy on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2
Publish Date: 7/15/2016

Episode 3: Scandinavian Nights
and the Aurora Borealis

Publish Date: 7/21/16

Episode 4: Land of the Midnight Sun
Publish Date: 7/28/16

Episode 5: The Royal Greenwich Observatory
Publish Date: 8/9/16

Episode 6: Stonehenge
Publish Date 8/12/16

Episode 7: The Royal Edinburgh Observatory
Publish Date: 8/19/16

Episode 8: Birr Castle & the Leviathan Telescope
Publish Date: 8/26/16

Episode 9: Jodrell Bank Observatory
Publish Date: 8/31/16